Our plant, called "ROLF PLÖTZ ELEKTROSCHMELZE", was founded by Rolf Plötz in 1972 for the production of steel-shot and metal granulates.

After years of experience in the production of granulates and further experience with its own foundry, the development of a new production line began, namely the production of a welding compound and accessories for the aluminothermic welding of railroad tracks. This line is called ALUTHERM.

On November 8, 1994, the Federal Office for Railway Systems in accordance with the German Railway Company (DB AG) granted us permission to produce and employ our ALUTHERM welding materials.

Today the Rolf Plötz Elektroschmelze GmbH & Co. KG sells its product throughout Germany as well as worldwide.

We have accepted the continuous challenge of developing higher quality and optimizing our aluminothermic welding process in order to make it less expensive, safer and user-friendly.